Prepare For Media specializes in media interview training and coaching for professional and collegiate coaches, athletes, and administrators in all sports, businesses, and other endeavors popular among or influenced by today’s news, sports, and entertainment media.









If the topic reaches the public via the news media, Prepare For Media can deliver methods to improve the likelihood that your perspective is included and that it’s delivered without room for misinterpretation. It can reduce significantly the odds of being misquoted or news outlets making errors. It can reduce and defuse innuendo.


If anyone within the organization is apt to be covered by newspaper, television, radio, Internet or other media—whether regularly or infrequently—it is wise to learn techniques that will provide the greatest return on the investment of time, effort, and resources.


This page and site are simple and direct without unnecessary frills by design. It is to exemplify how interaction with news media can also be succinct yet substantive. Similarly, as this site is easily understood, so is the ease at which audiences can absorb and apply the training that Prepare For Media provides--to your benefit.


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