The following list is a sample of topical issues currently or recently attracting the keen interest of news media, and examples of sound or questionable media interview tactics, depending upon the context into which they're placed. These samples may be referenced in advance of or during Prepare For Media training sessions for the benefit of its participants. Or they may be utilized for anyone interested in hot topics that are driving news media's coverage. Please note: Some sites may require subscription to access


Northern Illinois Univ. gunman shooting coverage (Chicago Tribune - Feb. 2008)


Noah given peer penalty by Bulls (Chicago Tribune - Jan. 2008)


Could Pippen coach the Bulls? (Chicago Tribune - Dec. 2007) AND

Pippen on the current Bulls (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 2007) AND

Critiques made just in general, Pippen says (Chicago Tribune, Jan. 2008)


Neuheisel goes back to school (Los Angeles Times - Dec. 2007)


Official misconduct (Yahoo! Sports - Dec., 2007)


Academic scandal snags Florida State (Assoc. Press/Chicago Tribune - Dec., 2007)


The Mitchell Report (Major League Baseball - Dec., 2007)


Baseball report to reveal steroid use (National Public Radio - Dec., 2007)


Miles: "I'll say it again, I'm going to be the coach at LSU" (ESPN - Dec., 2007)


Campus alert: Police investigate anonymous threat in residence hall (NIU Web site - Dec., 2007)


Hatcher sued over lip gloss deal (Assoc. Press - Dec., 2007)


Romance shakes up Goodwill (Arizona Republic - Dec., 2007)


Enjoy the experience: Experimental marketing (Brandweek - Dec., 2007)


Taking it to the house and bank (Chicago Tribune - Nov., 2007)


Enough show biz: Let's talk about the game, any game (Advertising Age - Nov., 2007)


Barry, Barry bad? Not so fast (Chicago Tribune - Nov., 2007)


Celebs chat with athletes, in Reebok gear (New York Times - Nov., 2007)


Hingis denies cocaine report, retires (ABC News - Nov., 2007)


It's not the media that matters, but the modes (Advertising Age - Oct., 2007)


Stringer issues apology to Thomas (MUST READ: Refusing to speak to heresay & staying on-topic = Never having to apologize USA Today - Oct., 2007)


Clinton asked Ford to testify, book says (MUST READ: Beltway politics, but little else, can be "Off-the-Record" USA Today - Oct., 2007)


Even in victory, Broncos can't hide flaws ( - Oct., 2007)


Magazines' teen sites no match for MySpace (Advertising Age - Oct., 2007)


Bills eye home game in Toronto (Assoc. Press - Oct., 2007)


Woods, Gatorade team up on Tiger drink (Advertising Age - Oct., 2007)


Little to applaud (Chicago Tribune - Oct., 2007)


Race director: Nothing we could have done better (Chicago Tribune - Oct., 2007)


It pays to bring in gamebreakers (MUST READ: If you don't want it repeated, don't say it Chicago Tribune - Oct., 2007)


Doping: Athletes and Asterisks (ABC News - Oct., 2007)


University football player killed on campus (Sports Illustrated/CNN - Oct., 2007)


Hazards of temper and YouTube (Baltimore Sun - Oct., 2007) AND

Coach lectures Oklahoma media (YouTube - Sept., 2007)


Player: Coach insincere about QB job (Assoc. Press - Sept., 2007)


Results speak loudly, if not players (Chicago Tribune - Sept., 2007)


Taking the audience by surprise: Stealth marketing (Brandweek - Sept., 2007)


Make nice Carlos, PR duo says (MUST READ--Media trainers should never betray you, no matter how good for their business Chicago Tribune - Sept., 2007)


A few thoughts on crisis communications (Advertising Age - Sept., 2007)


PR battle: Many grow weary of mine boss, guv exchanges (Salt Lake Tribune - August, 2007)


Briggs gets absolution too quickly (NWIndiana Times - August, 2007)


Space tourism company keeps low profile after blast (Assoc. Press/Salt Lake Tribune - August, 2007)


Lansing firm issues apology (Ann Arbor News - August, 2007)


Marbury defends Vick calling him a "good human being" (Newsday - August, 2007)


China launches campaign to defend reputation as safe exporter (MUST-READ Assoc. Press/Atlanta Journal-Constitution - August, 2007)


Vick banner to stay put (Newport News Daily Press - August, 2007)


Companies clamping down on messaging (Assoc. Press - August, 2007)


Ghost in the playbook (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - August, 2007)


In the end, can't scramble from legal heat (USA Today - August, 2007)


Ex-receiver alleges drug tests 'not random' (Assoc. Press - August, 2007)


Internet news audience highly critical of news organizations (The Pew Research Center - August, 2007)


'Old Media' still resonate, survey says (AdWeek - August, 2007)


Art & Commerce: Sports run amok (AdWeek - August, 2007)


McDonald's crisis tip: Don't fight the children's hospital (Advertising Age - August, 2007)


Media usage per person drops for first time in a decade (Advertising Age - August, 2007)


A history of mistrust ( - August, 2007)


Spurrier's Duke nod raises concern (USA Today - August, 2007)


Teen talk is, like, totally branded (Brandweek - August, 2007)


How Mattel can win back parents (Ad Age - August, 2007)


Bottled water industry efforts counter criticism (PR Week - August, 2007)


NY AG pulls athletic departments into student loan probe (USA Today - August, 2007)


The hand that controls the sock puppet could get slapped (New York Times - July, 2007)


MLB won't let ESPN broadcast 'Baseball Tonight' at All-Star game site (USA Today - July, 2007)


NFL retirees feel forgotten as fight for benefits rages (USA Today - July, 2007)


Ex-Fresno St. volleyball coach wins discrimination suit (USA Today - July, 2007)


Google exec apologizes for 'Sicko' post (The Hollywood Reporter - July, 2007)


A-Rod's wife makes R-rated fashion statement (ABC - July, 2007)


Ad campaign helps fuel Beckham hype (USA Today - June, 2007)


No egg on Taylor's face for Green crack (Palm Beach Post - June, 2007)


Whole Foods CEO 'bluntly' outlines merger bid (Assoc. Press/ - June, 2007)


Journalists taking sides ( - June, 2007)


Pressing ahead with social media without clear idea of strategy (PR Tactics/The Strategist Online - June, 2007)


Mismanagement investigations into university's athletics (Toledo Blade - June, 2007) Jim Klapthor/Rocket to the Top


Fake Colgate toothpaste is found in four states (Bloomberg - June, 2007)


Vilma says he was not comparing dogfighting to horse racing (Assoc. Press/ESPN - June, 2007)


Blair takes aim at 'feral beast' media (San Francisco Chronicle - June, 2007)


Sheffield urged to do homework (USA Today - June, 2007)


U.S. papers give cold shoulder to NHL's showcase event (Assoc. Press/San Diego Union-Tribune - June, 2007)


Tabloids change rules on athletes (MUST-READ Chicago Tribune - June, 2007)


Some of the biggest mistakes in crisis communications ( - May, 2007)


Pet food industry's operations during a crisis (PR News - May, 2007)


After scandal, cycling struggles for sponsors (TOUR DE FRANCE - New York Times, May, 2007)


Virginia Tech creates comms team in wake of tragedy (PR Week - April, 2007)


Virginia Tech killing - USA Today coverage (USA Today - April, 2007) AND

Virginia Tech killing - NBC coverage (MSNBC - April, 2007)


Rutgers responds to Imus' comments (USA Today, April, 2007)


Feds charge player in point-shaving scheme (Detroit Free Press - March, 2007) AND

Gun-related charges against football player (Toledo Blade - April, 2007)


Merry-go-round grinding its gears / Coaches records no guarantee of keeping their jobs (Chicago Tribune - March, 2007)


Attention Illinois message boarders--your entire program stinks (CBS - NCAA Basketball Tournament / March, 2007) AND

No punishment for AD after outbursts during NCAA game (Chicago Tribune - NCAA Basketball Tournament / March, 2007)


Racism issue raised in players' Web page (Los Angeles Times - March, 2007)


BYU coach's handling of DUI case praised (Deseret News - March, 2007)


The State of the News Media 2007 (Project for Excellence in Journalism - March, 2007)


Would U.S. News make up fake data? (Inside Higher Education - March, 2007)


Jaeger now in service to next calling (USA Today - March, 2007)


Staying true to the brand (Ad Age - March 2007)


Circumstances may warrant paying for search engine results (Ad Age - March, 2007)


Zoeller sues to identify author of Wikipedia post (USA Today - February, 2007)


Interview with Woody Paige - Sports columnist/TV personality (PR Week - February, 2007)


UC: Letter to be investigated (Cincinnati Enquirer - February, 2007)


How NASCAR plans to get back on the fast track (Ad Age - February, 2007)


Public figures can recover from scandal (Arizona Republic - February, 2007)


Fired Wal-Mart exec and the 'friendly' e-mail (ABC - February, 2007)


As Boston reeled, was artist asked to keep quiet? (BOSTON BOMB SCARE - ABC News) AND

Video comments by the two men accused of the Cartoon Network promotion/Boston bomb scare (BOSTON BOMB SCARE - ABC News) AND

Video coverage of original Bomb Scare scenario (BOSTON BOMB SCARE - Good Morning America, ABC News)


Mayor's aide admits ID fake (San Francisco Chronicle)


Biden explains remarks, lauches '08 campaign (U.S. PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN - San Jose Mercury News) AND

Biden video on democratic challenger (U.S. PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN - Chicago Tribune/CLTV)


"Normal guy" Tank gives critics lots of ammunition (SUPER BOWL - USA Today)


Cardinals guard duo stumble in loss (Star Press)


Tank hits new low (SUPER BOWL - Chicago Sun-Times)


Super Bowl XLI's Grossman stands his ground (SUPER BOWL - Courier News)


Berrian's style and skills are smooth (SUPER BOWL - Chicago Tribune)


Burton Smith puts on a show for media tour (ESPN)


Unspeak exposes the language twisters (Slate)


Athletes and the Law: A Special Report (Salt Lake Tribune)


Fans use Facebook photo (Toledo Free Press)


City's yours, Robbie Gould (Chicago Tribune)


Chargers, Oceanside to discuss stadium possibility (USA Today)


This Rocket never rocks the boat (Chicago Tribune)


Bears talk of family but leave kid behind (Chicago Tribune)


Basket brawl recalls NBA's image troubles (ABC News)


Player arrests put the NFL in a defensive mode (Washington Post)


Bears coach sits tackle in wake of latest arrest (Chicago Tribune)


Big names is his game (USA Today)


Gruden admits Bucs' woes (USA Today)


World without secrets (Chicago Tribune)


Three players arrested at night club after loss (USA Today/Tennessean)


Turbulent times for Miami (Atlanta Journal Constitution)


Miami defends discplinary action (Miami Herald)


Favre rips NFL for how it treated Robinson (USA Today)


Alleged rape victim's kin calls '60 Minutes' segment intimidation (ABC News)


Pacers' Jackson hit by car; fires shots after fight outside strip club (USA Today) AND

Athletes and the law (ABC News)


Solich defends his program (Kalamazoo Gazette) Jim Klapthor/Rocket to the Top


FDA says spinach is safe but has bigger concerns (Reuters)


Segui says feds asked about retired stars (USA Today)


Owens denies he tried to kill himself (Assoc. Press/Dallas Morning News)


Contrite a day after a blowup (USA Today)


Arrests triple on game day (Lansing State Journal)


Gators suspend lineman (Orlando Sentinel)


Colleges act quickly when crisis hits (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)


Three arrested for shooting five Duquesne players (USA Today)


When logos are a no-go (Los Angeles Times)


Golden shows Owls who's running the team (Philadelphia Inquirer) Jim Klapthor/Rocket to the Top


Back-up punter arrested after attack (The Coloradoan)


Amato takes aim at Akron's non-qualifiers (Charlotte NC Observer)


BMW's custom-made university (NY Times)


Player suspended indefinitely (USA Today)


Commissioner: PGA doesn't need (drug) testing (USA Today)


In college football, big paydays for humiliation (New York Times)


Big bucks for Buckeyes (USA Today)


The art of the interview, ESPN-style (National Public Radio)


Programs face trouble without better attendance (USA Today)


Groundbreaking for new Yankee Stadium a step back for history (USA Today)


Good risk management is good business management (Los Angeles Times)


Players play, let coaches coach (USA Today)


Players get free ride, police swarm auto (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)


Unsers arrested (USA Today)


Coach claims he was drugged, not drunk (Athens Messenger, OH)


Peace treaty ends Weis' media freeze (Chicago Tribune) AND

Good Charlie, stubborn Charlie, a fact of life (The Times, NW Indiana)


Stunned sport takes another hit (Los Angeles Times) AND

Landis declares he is innocent of doping allegation (Los Angeles Times)


Storytelling, not journalism, spurs most U.S. blogs (Reuters)


Ignore Media At Your Own Risk (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)


Angry Customers Use Web To Shame Firms (Washington Post)


Royals revoke media credentials (Associated Press/Rocky Mountain News)


Fast Food Frog Fright (Sunday Mail Scotland, U.K.)


Baseball Adopts a Candy, Whatever It's Named For (New York Times)


Crisis Response for Macy's Dept. Store (Boston Herald)


Verbal Sparring With National TV Host (Inside Higher Ed)


Cub slugs Sox catcher (Chicago Tribune) AND

Tempers flare (MLB/Chicago White Sox) Jeff Roberson/AP


21-year old blogger beats five-term Congressman (WTAE-TV Pennsylvania)


USA Today scoops Washington Post, NY Times on NSA phone taps (The Washingtonian)


NU player disputes Web site's hazing claim (Chicago Sun-Times)


Duke University lacrosse (WRAL-TV Raleigh-Durham, NC)


Amtrak cuts funding (Chicago Tribune)

Denver Broncos 2nd Round draft pick introductory press conference (Denver Broncos) Jim Klapthor/Rocket to the Top


Green Bay Packers' Brett Favre returns for another season, mini-camp press conference (Green Bay Packers)


Terrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies (U.S. Dept. Health & Human Services)


California Environmental Health Risk document (State of California)


Crisis Communications response: One scenario and strategy (James E. Lukaszewski, APR)


Official Los Angeles Police Department Web Log (L.A.P.D.)



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