Receiving media training is very similar to participating in sports: One practice will not make someone a pro. But even one training session can be used for—and useful toward—building a solid foundation and positive results.


Prepare For Media will coach critical thinking skills to assist you when preparing for media interviews in the near and distant future. It can apply training for one-on-one interviews or press conferences, locker room interviews or over the phone, call-in teleconferences, live on-the-air, ambush and other interview settings.


Prepare For Media delivers media interview training and coaching in four basic and critically important areas. They are:

Message Delivery

Imaging/Brand Reinforcement

Crisis Response


Training can focus on any one area or a combination of any of the four. Sessions can be tailored to your needs.


From coaching clients on the manners useful when appearing on camera or speaking into a microphone, to facilitating the creation of key messages needing delivery, Prepare For Media offers full-service media training services. It can assist in communicating an image; supply techniques for establishing or reinforcing a brand; offer resources to reduce confusion and defuse crises; and introduce or reinforce the fundamentals and nuances of communicating on camera, behind the microphone, all the while under the microscope of the modern news media.


Prepare For Media draws upon more than two decades of intensive media relations, athletics, and news and sports reporting experience in major and secondary U.S. markets and news outlets.


Prepare For Media knows the business of news media, media interviews, and how to deliver bottom-line results in your favor. It includes techniques that news media find helpful and will earn their respect.


Prepare For Media training offers perspective few other trainers can deliver: Insights as investigative news reporter, sports beat reporter, news and sports anchor, show host, athlete, and other viewpoints.


Interacting regularly with journalist contacts nationwide and responsible for providing and influencing content in major news outlets, Prepare For Media efforts have appeared in major outlets including The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and many others including major television, radio and Web outlets. When reputation is on the line ESPN, CNN, CBS 60 Minutes and news organizations like these listed do not accept canned answers to tripe questions that waste both your and the reporters’ time. Neither do your target audiences. So Prepare For Media does not train those techniques. We train for top performance.


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