If not to deliver your message when speaking with news media, why interview? Have a plan, and give yourself the chance to succeed and excel. Prepare For Media. Good advice.


Message Delivery How to determine and develop a message. How to improve your odds and ensure that your message is delivered and reaches your audience through the news media.


Imaging/Brand Reinforcement What you say, how you say it, where/when and in what manner you provide your perspective will be critical to determining the image you convey and the brand you personify. Improve your reputation, among your target audience and members of the news media.


Crisis Response News media want to know Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Prepare For Media media training will show you how to deliver to avert crisis, or defuse it.


Presentation Appearing on/in news media is not natural. Prepare For Media will train skills you can recognize, repeat, and utilize; build confidence.


There are proven methods that have been honed over decades of experience, observation, and professional training that work well. Practicing them in a controlled and safe training environment will help prepare you to identify and deliver your key message(s) when the news media call.


Prepare For Media will work with you to build a media training session or sessions that fit best into your needs, goals, personnel and resources. Whether in a one-on-one setting or team-size group, Prepare For Media training will provide you the tools to improve bottom-line results to news media interaction.


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Feel success, not regret--call before it's a crisis. Prepare For Media. Good advice.

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